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The Totem, Set of 3 Stools
Rs. 99,000.00
The Totem Stools are a set of three stools that can be stacked one on top of the other, to create a graphic silhouette that transcends the function of a...
Three 2 Tango Lounge Chair
Rs. 98,000.00
This eye-catching lounge chair has a striking presence in any room!Handcrafted with such skill it's hard to decipher how its three sections come together so seamlessly. Trés luxe in a...
Vienna 2.0 Set of 2 Tables
Rs. 75,000.00
Solid wood craftsmanship and sleek curves lend an of-the-moment touch to this organic set of side tables. The curvilinear base supports organic-shaped tabletops with bullnose edging for style and softness....