Benches & Ottomons

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Elan Equlibria Bench, Coffee Table (Moss Green)
Rs. 53,000.00
This edgy Coffee Table or Bench is a conversation starter! An exploration in metal, it is made using 3 different configurations of embossed, plain and welded materials. The result is...
Elan Amadeus Bench (Antique Gold Finish)
Rs. 55,000.00
Rich with artisanal texture, the forged steel frame with delicately tapered legs is hand-hammered. It is antiqued in brass with dark bronze highlights. Its elegant tapered body reflects the warm...
Elan Hamphrey Metal Bench or Coffee Table (Caspian Blue)
Rs. 55,000.00
The wicker-inspired cutwork casts memorizing shadows below this curvilinear yet modern bench. The supporting metal framework of this six-legged bench is inspired by the sun and the wind infusing a ...