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The search for that right gift for Father’s day is really a difficult task. Well, what can we get for the man who invested to make sure our childhood was awesome? Getting to that perfect present may involve running down to the liquor store in the last minute and get his favourite booze or it might take you to consult your mother and check his shirt size or favourite colour. In any case, this is a mighty daunting task to make sure you make this day is special for your day. There are some really special gifts for men online which can help you identify what is really right for you.

We know how difficult it is for you and therefore we have done almost half of the work on your behalf and listed some fine gifts for father’s day. Below are some unique gifts for fathers that will brighten up your father’s day and remind your dad, who is always busy working, how important it is to stop for a while and enjoy life as it is.

       1. Super Cool Elan’s Cocktail Set

Be it a fun hangout session with his cousins and friends or whether he is on his way to a destination holiday, this cocktail set has him covered for all occasions. This super cool cocktail set includes a peg, cocktail shaker and a hip flask that are designed expertly to stand out from the usual.

The set has a classy black cocktail shaker that has a motivational #repeat printed on it. Gift him this cocktail shaker that he can accompany with himself in office parties.

The set also includes a 60 ml golden peg with an infinity sign on it. It is a special peg glass on the dining table for the special person. Ensure you make every bit special for him.

Lastly, a black hip flask completes this cool cocktail set. See the widest smile he has ever smiled when he sees this hip flask knowing he finally found a company for his long trips. This will definitely make for one of the best gifts for dad.

       2. WFH Organizer Set

One of your fondest memories is seeing your father work on his desk filled with papers, files and other essentials in all its glorious disorder and disarray giving an impression, rightfully so, that he has been involved in his working intensely.

And to know that this hasn’t changed a bit arouses mixed feelings of nostalgia, charm and worry. Well, there of course is a solution to this. Elan brings you an organizer set which serves as the perfect father’s day gift.

Books and paper holder, desk organizer and a coffee mug will keep his desk mighty organized. A set of 2 method file holder will help him keep his files and papers neatly organized. Additionally, the set also includes a desk organizer with 4 compartments where can keep his pens and other essentials.

To complete this set, we have a grid coffee mug which serves just right helping him get through some of the intensely busy working hours.

This organizer set might exactly be the thing he is looking for. Surprise him this father’s day by gifting him this thoughtful gift which will help him with his work immensely. Maybe, at the end of some of his busiest work spells, as he gets up and puts on his coat and looks at the desk one last time before leaving, there will be a feeling of warmth and love that will take him over.

       3.  Elan Herb Garden Set

There’s a reason why gifting gardening equipments is regarded as one of the most wonderful gestures. Firstly, the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of gardening are thoroughly undermined in our society. They make for some of the best gift solutions.

Gifting your dad a garden set will be nothing less than a thoughtful gesture which will surprise him to no limits. With constant occupation of work in his life, this garden set will offer the right escape and help him explore the spiritual side of nature.

Elan brings you an extensive garden set which includes 4 bucket caddy, garden fork, hand trowel and white edge blackboard marker.

This extensive set will help him have his own mini garden space. So, if you are wondering how to make this father’s day extra special then you should understand that there is nothing more special than giving someone an opportunity to plant his own garden.

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