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The special day that celebrates the wonderful brother-sister bond is around the corner. This is the time of the year when all the brothers are wondering how to surprise their sisters instead of pranking them. And we all know how vexing it is to look for that perfect gift that will put a smile upon your sister’s face.

Enough of those cashed envelopes already! It is time you walk that extra mile to make this Raksha Bandhan really the most memorable one. No need of going to the market and racking your heads about what would really impress her when you can shop for gifts for her online India. We have done all the hard work for you. Below are 4 offbeat Raksha Bandhan gifts for sisters that will bring a genuine heart-warming smile on your sister’s face.

1. The Gift of Gardening

It is said that after books, the gift of gardening is the most rewarding and fulfilling. Gardening is one of the few activities that is highly therapeutic, that bridges the gap between man and nature.

This Raksha Bandhan, give her thoughtful gifts of beautiful pots and planters. Living with Elan houses an extensive collection of cute pitcher planters and pots, elegant roman watering cans and wall hanging planters making them perfect for Raksha Bandhan gifts.

With all that fresh cooking going on at this time, a dash of fresh herbs on your pizza or the scent fresh flowers while WHF is a delightful addition to your day. This demands serious consideration because gardening essentials make for an offbeat and thoughtful gift for your sister.

2. Delightful Kitchen Set


Let her embrace her inner chef. Elan’s extensive cheerful kitchen set has all the kitchen essentials such as spice box, lemon squeezer, canisters and oil pot. Designed with great care, these kitchen items are delightfully cute. Having remarkable simplicity in design with bright colours, this kitchen set is something that will definitely a wide smile on your sister’s face. 

Coupling this with some really elegant and classy canisters such as Acorn Butter dish makes for a perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister.

With a mighty inviting and alluring appearance, this kitchen set, for all we know, will cultivate a serious passion for cooking.

There simply is no better gift than giving rise to a genuine passion for something fruitful.

3. Cheerful Dressing Set

This is a one-stop stop gift set to update your dear sister’s dressing table. A super cute rotating earring stand for her complete collection and a storage trunk for her little secrets, and a lacey cutwork box for her makeup or fashion accessories. This dressing set is something that has been fuelling her imagination.

This dressing set with its simple aesthetics and delightful colours has a mighty cute disposition. If you are looking for something that will fuel your sister’s fancy for dressing accessories, than this is something you are looking for.

4. Super Cool Cocktail Set

If you are tired of gifting her regular kurtis, perfumes and bangles than you have stopped at the right place. We have something that is supremely offbeat. If you want to really have her surprised, a cocktail set is the right gift.

Elan knows full well how a perfect cocktail set breeds on coolness and sophistication. We bring forth our exclusive cocktail set collection. This set has infinity peg, cocktail shaker and a hip flask that will have her fully equipped for her special parties.

We seriously this list helps give a bit of clarity about giving an offbeat gift to your sister. If you wish to exercise your creativity as well then you shall know that Living with Elan also offers customized gifts for sisters. So, if you are tired window shopping for hours, so now you know where you can buy gifts for women online India.

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