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How is Contemporary Furniture Redefining Modern Aesthetic Vocabulary?

More than just aesthetic appeal, furniture is a symbol of influence that time and culture has on us. Paradoxically, the furniture that we inhabit also has a strong effect on the way the culture and time is perceived.

Living with Elan plays around with this double-edged notion of furniture aesthetics. They have blended the vintage aesthetics with modern sleekness and sophistication with such finesse that their vast catalogue of contemporary home decor furniture has redefined the modern aesthetic language.

Let us look at some of their collection to get a better understanding of this.

     1.  Decorative Wall Mounted Mirrors

Living with Elan believes each detail is important for making up a finely harmonious interior aesthetics. Working with that line of thought, they came up with this extensive collection of charming wall mounted mirrors.

Elan Allure Oval Mirrors are interesting 3 piece set that adds fine details to your interior décor. They look almost like water drops on leafs, their gentleness and modern sleekness gives it a mighty alluring appeal.

These mirrors give an interesting sense of rhythm to the walls with their elegant shape and design. Thoroughly minimalistic in design, these wall-mounted mirrors imbue your interior aesthetics with elegance.

     2.  Shelves and Racks

This catalogue has some of the finest collection of wall hanging shelves. Making maximum use of space with as minimalistic design as possible is at the heart of this collection. 

Elan Vulcan Storage is a perfect example of this. The gentle modification of the vintage styled ladder for storage purpose is the kind of twist Living with Elan is known for.

This collection also has the Elan Grid Shelves and Elan Formale Shelf. These decorative wall shelves are great for adding extra vertical storage space to your homes and offices.

     3.  Stylish and Minimalistic Tables

Living with Elan has created a huge range of tables that live and breathe contemporary funk and at the same time they have an air of old-world charm.

Right from modern contemporary coffee table to indoor stylish end tables, this collection has literally pushed the possibilities of what you can achieve with tables.

Elan Bucharest Coffee Table is the perfect example of how Living with Elan has redefined modern aesthetics. Be it for a coffee break or brunch time chit chat, this coffee table completes your living room.

The Elan Artiste Trunk Table is another great example of taking the Storage Trunk they are already well-known for reviving in the market and converting that into a statement Side Table everybody will talk about.

     4.   Modern Ottoman Stool

Playing around the simple hexagon shape, these stools are work of art. Going well with modern as well as traditional interiors, these stools have a fine and alluring appeal.

As inviting as they look, it serves as another interesting detail for your living room décor. The highlight of these stools is the simplicity with which it is designed. Their cushion comes with a removable cover making it easy to maintain.

Its quietly minimalistic elegance adds a fine layer of sophistication to your interior aesthetics.

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