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A finely decorated dining room is highly essential to woo your guests. We all know that the dining room is the heartbeat of the house. It holds a sacred importance because that is the space where the whole family gets together to dine. The interiors of the dining space makes up your dining experience. Ultimately the dining experiences make up for your countless memories.

Yes, some people rightfully focus on investing in furniture pieces to refine their dining space. However, one must keep in mind that it is the intricate elements and details make up for the fine dinner aesthetics.

Let us look at 3 simple accessories that can contribute to your minute dining details while also holding on to its utility.

     1.  Kitchen Storage Containers

Dining and kitchen space is often laden with kitchen utensil storage containers. We have containers for our favourite chutneys, some for salt, pepper and spices and of course we better not forget granny’s handmade aachars.

Now we know how important these storage containers are which we so gloriously overlooked. Living with Elan knows how crucial storage containers can be and hence their containers are so intricately crafted that they elevate the kitchen aesthetics in all their subtlety.

Elan’s acorn butter dish is a perfect example of this. Made with stainless steel, it has quiet opulence about it. This container is bound to add up to your dining details and paint sophisticated dining aesthetics.

Additionally, we also have a round storage roti box. Its beauty is really in its simplicity. Soothing off white colour that informs the round box and its plainness is disturbed by the golden painted knob to lift off the lid. This will definitely add up to your dining aesthetics in its complete subtlety.

Accompany these accessories with Elan’s Tiny Food containers for nuts, sugar and salt and Round Salt and Pepper set. Designed so as to keep them in accordance with roti containers, these accessories will elevate your dining table accessories.

      2.   Serving Trays

Along with canisters and storage containers, another accessory that holds great importance on a diner is serving tray. We see them used for a lot of purposes. On a dining table, trays hold indeed a very compelling hold on the dining aesthetics.

Living with Elan has an extensive collection of trays that are made mainly keeping utility in mind. Well-crafted that they are, they are nothing short of art pieces. One such tray is Elan’s Hello Sunshine Rectangle Serving Tray. This tray has a modern design with a classy look that bears its impressiveness on its clever design and smart contemporary aesthetics.

Elan also houses a might royal looking platter called as Dhoora Platter. Adding to your opulent dining aesthetics, this platter has an air of mighty regal-ness about it. Reserve it for precious occasions, this platter will definitely take your dining aesthetics a notch up.

Visit our online store and take a look at our extensive collection of trays that are crafted especially to enhance your dining aesthetics.

       3.   Napkin Rings

Of all the dining accessories we usually pay the least attention to napkin rings. If seen in a different light, Napkin Rings can bring about elegance and warmth to your dining table. Living with Elan knows this better than the rest and so we house a wide range of Napkin Ring accessories.

One of the highlights of our napkin ring range is Jwalaa Napkin Rings Set of 4. Inspired by the aesthetics of majestic Amber palace of Jaipur, this set bears the lushness of royal palaces. Imbue your dining aesthetics with the elegance and simplicity of Jwalaa napkin rings.

Along with this, we also house Chrysalis Napkin Rings.  Designed with great care, this napkin ring bears striking dainty and cute design. Easily the detail you need to finish your dining aesthetics, you can consider looking up for napkin rings.

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