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The outbreak of this pandemic has kept us all socially withdrawn and home-bound for the coming weeks. It can get pretty vexing and depressing if you don’t utilize this time mindfully.

A lot of experts have suggested people to indulge in regular therapeutic activities such as meditation, exercise, baking and gardening.

However, recently it has been reported that a lot of people are revamping the interiors of their house mainly because it helps them lose the sense of familiarity with their house and feel fresh. But more than that, it also helps them make use of their space, get rid of unnecessary junk and utilize the space as optimally as possible.

Following are 5 ideas that can help you reshape the aesthetics of your house and also serve as a therapeutic exercise to you.

          1.   Rearrange Your Furniture

First thing we do when we start with the modification of interior space is rearrange the furniture in the house. As simple as it may sound, you will find the results to be mighty astonishing. Just the fact that you are standing in your drawing room and thinking about how you can improve the arrangement of your home furniture can help you therapeutically.

 By rearranging your furniture in your house, you identify the clutter and get rid of it. In fact, more than anything, simple and minimalistic furniture can help your interior aesthetics breathe freely. Thinking along these lines, Elan has come forth with minimalistic furniture such as Kiev Nesting Table, Bucharest side table and dress-me-up vertical mirror.

The furniture blends rustic and elegant aesthetics that will blend with your home interior designs.

          2.   Arrange your bookshelf

It requires no special mentioning what a sacred space a bookshelf is for avid readers. But let’s face it; we hardly ever spend time in rearranging them and giving them a shape and order of any kind. Well, this is exactly what you should be doing this quarantine.

By arranging them categorically, you give order to your book collection. You can de-clutter your bookshelf to make sure it occupies optimal space.

Elan Formale Shelf is made perfectly for this purpose. The beauty lies in the sheer simplicity of its design. Making use of just the right amount of space on your wall, these bookshelf helps you arrange a huge collection of books in the most optimum space as possible.

          3.   Change Your Wall Aesthetics

This is the time when you get to explore your creative streak.  You can turn your wall into an artwork altogether. This is the time when you dig into your storage room and find some antique stuff which on some other day would have just been thrown away into the dustbin. Decorate your wall with these rustic elements, old black and white photographs and paintings.

Do you also have an old guitar which is waiting to be played? Hang it on the wall and give your interior aesthetics and interesting edge.

You can finish your art piece with Elan’s Allure Oval Mirrors that are nothing short of art pieces in themselves.

Later on, you will see how this wall will start resonating with you. It is these kinds of artistic pursuits in interior designing that helps you reach a higher state of mindfulness and the results are always satisfying.

          4.   Create a garden space

The therapeutic benefits of gardening are needless to be mentioned. At anxious times such as these when we can’t even step out and spend time in nature, we can build our own little personal sanctuary in our gallery.

It need not be anything fancy.  You can have 4-5 pots, sow seeds, and water them regularly. It is the act of regular fertilizing, wiping leaves, pruning branches and trimming leaves that makes you feel one with nature. The joy and satisfaction of watching them grow and become fuller are unparalleled.

Give your garden space an interesting character that speaks for you with Elan’s special Forest Planter Collection pots. Adding quiet charm and elegance to your garden, these pots are exactly what you need if you are looking for quirky, cool and classy pots.

Make use of the quiet downtime to reshape your interior designs. These simple steps will help you not only revamp your house but also help you use the time mindfully. If you are looking to add more to your interior space, take a look at our vast home décor accessories catalogue in our online store.

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