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Baking connoisseurs know the importance of real good food presentation. The presentation sets up the complete mood of the food. And hence, when it comes to cakes, it only makes sense in investing in the best cake stand to make sure it looks appealing. After all, presentation is the first factor someone notices before trying out the food.

So, Elan brings to you some of the finest cake stands in the market that are manufactured with rigorous research on design, quality and durability.

Looking for cake stand that gives a touch to your parties then you should not look further because Elan has it all covered.

Let your food stand out with these cake stands that are an interesting blend of quaint and contemporary designs giving your food a modern, stylish and elegant display.

Elan Kesar 3 Tier Cake Stand

Introduce sophistication to your cake presentation. This limited edition three tier cake stand has already created a lot of buzz in the market because of its elegant design. Be it a birthday celebration or a wedding party, this cake stand fits all occasions. It is built with powder coated steel, aluminium and brass giving making it extremely durable.

MINI Kesar Two Tier Cake Stand

This two tier cake stand lives and breathes opulence. The beauty of this cake stand lies in its simplicity. Hand made with extreme care, these cake stands bring about scratch resistant in nature, these stands are mighty durable and elegant in finishing. You can decorate cakes, cupcakes, snacks and sweets with this cake stand. Designed with simplicity, this alluring cake stand will blend with any type of interiors or events.

Chaandini Cake Stand

Elan’s illustrious catalogue boasts this finely designed cake stand that is influenced by the royal Aravali Hills landscape. The minimalistic design of the cake stand conveys lavishness in all its quiet subtlety. Being essentially a cake stand, its utility is by no means restricted to cake serving. Right from scrumptious deserts to crackers and charcuterie, this cake stand covers it all.

The Tantraa Three Tier Stand

Add layers to your cake presentation with this three tier cake stand. It is interestingly designed blending the modern and traditional aesthetics. Additionally, it comes with a detachable central rod that makes it easy to dissemble the cake stand making storage immensely convenient. Made with mild steel, brass and aluminium, this cake stand, as oppose to its gentle designs, is mighty strong and has long lasting durability.

The Kesar Cake Stand (Antique Black)

The minimalistic design is the highlight of the cake stand. The contour of the stand is inspired by the rugged beauty of Aravali hills. The dotted edges on the contour are made up of pure brass making this cake stand highly sophisticated. Decorate your birthday or wedding parties by presenting cakes and sweets on this platter that is expertly crafted for sophistication.  Elan has an illustrious catalogue of finely crafted cake stands that are works of art in themselves.  Buy cake stands, cupcake stands and cake covers that will take your cake presentation game to another level. So, visit our online store today and get enamoured by the possibilities you can explore in cake presentation.

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