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Since last month the country has gone into complete lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid19 forcing people to self-quarantine at home. Well, we know how depressing the quarantine can get if not handled properly. For one, we know that we will be staying in our house all day. To make this much more delightful, it makes great sense in ensuring that your house is clutter-free and spaced out neatly.

This, believe or not, can have positive impact on person’s overall health and well-being. Below are some basic ideas for a clean and well spaced-out home.

         1.  Clean Up Your Clutter

This is a great place to start. Knowing that this situation is going to prevail for a while it is important make your home clutter-free and spacious. This is essential because clutter embeds a sense of claustrophobia. Once you get rid of it, you will find out how spacious your house actually is. This gives you an opportunity to make interesting use of the space.

         2.   Move Around Your Furniture

Reorganizing your home furniture is highly regarded for its therapeutic effect on mind. By getting rid of excess of clutter, you know that there is enough space in your house to play with. You can change the direction of the sofa and other essentials and give an interesting bend to your house. This is important because you lose a sense of familiarity and on the longer run you cultivate quiet excitement and joy.

The benefits of re-spacing your house are immensely undermined. This is in fact the right time to experiment with your house. You can also free up some space where family can gather to play games or indulge in interesting activities together.

          3.   Get Creative

Turn your room into an art gallery. Make your house as lively as possible by putting up classic posters, paintings and photographs on the wall. Keep it simple and beautiful. You can mend old décor pieces and turn them into some vintage-contemporary artefact. The possibilities are limitless. This will not only make your house more alluring, but it will help you tap in your creative potential as well.  The sense of satisfaction following this will put your mind in a state of pure joy.

          4.   Indulge In Gardening

A lot of doctors and psychiatrists suggest gardening as a highly meditative exercise. Gardening surely has therapeutic benefits. And it also helps making your house subtly alluring.

You can keep some space near the windows for plants and take care of them regularly. Very few things can be as satisfying as watching the plants you laid grow and bloom.

Additionally, plants and flowers are our direct contact with nature. So, if you can’t go out and embrace it, you bring the nature in your home.  Your house will be filled to the brim with positivity and lightness that nature brings.

          5.   Make Use Of Light Colours

As the summer is fast approaching, you must create a cool and calm environment. This can be easily done by using lighter toned bed sheets and pillow covers. Placing rugs on the floor with lighter shades can add a calming effect as well.  This is important because colours have great subconscious effects on our mind. It can boost our productivity and creativity. If you make use of dull colours then you might end up feeling low on energy and lethargic. Hence, make sure you lighten up your house by theming lighter shades. 


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