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In highly distressing time such as these, baking can be mighty therapeutic. The nationwide lockdown has anyway made it impossible for us to have our favourite cakes and bakery stuff. Well, if we can’t go out to our favourite cafes and enjoy scrumptious cakes, we can bring the cafes home. Definitely we can. We bring you 5 of the best baking recipes that are easy to make. These 5 dishes will get you walking down the nostalgia road.

1. Baked Peach Yoghurt

Following are the ingredients that are required:

  • * 200 ml condensed milk
  • * 200 ml yoghurt
  • * 3 peaches
  • * 3 tbsp sugar

How to make:

1. Firstly, you must peel the peaches and chop them into small pieces. Boil them in some water with 2 tbps of sugar. Once the peaches are cooked, allow them to cool down.
2. Make the yoghurt mixture; simply mix the condensed milk and yoghurt.
3. After, proceed by placing the peaches at the bottom of an oven proof glass bowl.
4. Pour over the yoghurt mixture over top of the peaches
5. Bake the mixture in a preheated oven at 300o F (149o C) for 5 minutes
Followed by this, you must refrigerate the glass bowls for 2-3 hours and garnish with chopped peaches before serving.

2. Eggless Atta Cake

Have you ever heard of a cake that satisfies your taste buds and also keeps you healthy? Stuff of dreams, I know. But it is very much real. It is astonishing how much you can get just with Yogurt, cinnamon, nuts and wholewheat flour. Accompany your tea with a light, fluffy, delicious and soft cake. This makes for your perfect evening tea-time snack. You can also use this cake for making puddings or even frost it with an icing.

* 2 Cups atta / whole wheat flour
* 1-2 cups shakar or gur (depending on your taste)
* 1/2 tbsp baking powder
* 1 1/2 tbsp soda bicarbonate (meetha soda)
* 2 tbsp cinnamon powder
*3/4 cup refined oil
* 1 cup curd
* Water (to be added according to the consistency of the batter)
* Handful of walnuts, raisins & figs

How to make:

1. Start by pre-heating the oven to 200 degrees C.
2. Then, mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
3. Blend the curd and oil thoroughly in another bowl. After, mix the dry ingredients into this bowl and fold well.
4. Mix them enough to get a dripping consistency. If required, you can add water.
5. Oil the bottom of a baking dish and bake at 170 degrees C for 1 hour 15 minutes. Keep checking at intervals.
6. Remove it from the oven. Cut and serve when cool.

3. Oat Apple Crumble Recipe

This delicious crumble is made from oats and apples. No flour is packed with flavours of cinnamon, lemon and nutmeg. With preparation time of 15 min and all easy-available ingredients, this looks like a go-to dish every time you are stung by your cravings.

* 4 large apples, thinly sliced
* Juice of 2 lemons
* 1 tsp cinnamon powder
* 2 Tbsp jaggery or gur, grated
* 2 Tbsp light brown sugar
* A pinch of nutmeg
* Grated lemon zest
Oat Mix:
* 1 cup porridge oats
* 2 Tbsp light brown sugar
* 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
* 2 Tbsp chilled white butter, diced

How to make:

1. Take a wide bowl and add lemon juice to the thinly cut apples. After, add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, lemon zest and mix them well with your hands. You can also add a tablespoon of marmalade if you are a teetotaller. Leave this for 30 minutes.
2. Alongside, mix the oats, sugar and cinnamon. Then, add butter and crumble the mixture with your hands.
3. Now sprinkle a bit of the oat mixture on the baking pan. Then, add the apple slices and sprinkle the rest of the oatmeal mixture on top of it.
4. You can also grate a little bit of extra butter on top to enhance the taste further. Put all of this in a preheated pan and bake it at 190 degrees centigrade for 40 minutes. Keep checking at intervals and see if the crumble is browned and the apples look gooey.

4. Ragi Cookies Recipe

Maintaining a healthy balance between taste and health, these calcium rich cookies are the right pick for your family. Blending the calcium richness with the goodness of ragi, you can now enjoy a delightful dish without being guilty about it.

* 1 Cup ragi flour
* 1/2 cup khaand (a sweetening agent and a healthier substitute of sugar)
* 1/2 tbsp green cardamom powder
* 2 pinches of ginger powder
* 1 tbsp baking powder
* 1/2 cup oil (rice bran)
* 1 egg (whisked)
*1/2 tbsp salt

How to make:

1. Take a pan and mix the ragi flour with cardamom powder. Then, roast them gently on a tawa till the colour gets a little darker.
2. Roughly, roast them for a minute or two.
3. Then, break an egg in a bowl and whisk it. Add the roasted ragi and sugar with the egg. Mix them well.
4. Further, add dry ginger and salt to it. Along with it, add some oil and mix well. It will look like a dark dough.
5. Then, make round balls and flatten them with your palms.
6. Pre-heat the oven for 5-7 minutes. Take a flat dish and put some butter paper on it without greasing it. 7. Place the biscuit roundels an inch away from each other and bake them for 8 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

5. Baked Vanilla Cream with Home-Made Caramel Recipe

Ending this list with scrumptious baked vanilla cream is very much the perfect way to end your delightful dinner with. This smooth vanilla dessert is baked lovely and served perfect with home-made caramel sauce.

* 4 egg yolks
* 75 gm castor sugar
* 400 ml cream
* 1 tsp vanilla essence caramel
* 75 gm sugar
* 75 ml water
* Drops of peppermint oil
* 400 gm sliced seasonal fruit
* 2-3 Tbsp castor sugar
* 1 Tbsp rum

How to make:

1. Take a bowl and beat egg yolks and sugar together.
2. Boil cream and pour it on the egg mixture and stir them to form a mixture.
3. Add vanilla essence and strain into a 1" deep ovenproof dish.
4. Bake them at 170 degrees until set.
5. Chill it overnight.
For caramel:
1. Dissolve sugar in water.
2. Boil to a deep caramel color.
3. Add mint flavoring.
4. Then pour onto an oiled tray.
5. Allow it to set.
6. Sprinkle over custard before serving.
For the fruit:
1. Sprinkle sugar and rum over the fruit.
2. Chill and serve with the cream.

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