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In the midst of coronavirus pandemic all the companies have turned towards work from home policy. This bold move has caused the routine work to get imbalanced significantly. However, people are getting accustomed to it gradually and the work is getting back on track.

However, people are facing a lot of issues as they are forced to work from home all day, till the coming weeks. Out from the working environment, suddenly we are thrown in the comforts of our home and hence it all seems like a whole new world to us.

To orient you back to your normal routine, we have some important tips that will help you with your work significantly.

        1.   Dress up for work

Set the tone of your day by getting into nice attire that lifts your spirit up. This not only makes one feel good but it has a higher importance. More than anything, it helps create a distinction between work and home life.

It should not be your formal suit and tie. Simple breathable comfy cotton clothes that help you find a fine balance between work and comfort is perfect!

        2.   Designate a workspace

The biggest challenge when working from home is separating the boundaries of work and home life. This is crucial because if the boundaries are blurred then both your home and work life will be disturbed.

With going to office every day, the distinction is physical and hence you don’t mix the two up as much as you would when working from home. This forces us to consider a dedicated workspace in your house.

We have a range of small movable furniture that will build flexibility to convert any space into a Work From Home space. For example, the Elan Kiev Nesting End Table can be used to place your printer, with the nesting table providing additional space as and when required. There a series of shelving units to choose from like Elan Formale Shelves or the Elan Grid Shelves that can help added additional wall storage. Coupling these with our wide range of stationary organizers, and voila! You have an organized work space in your house. We all know how difficult it is to work in a cluttered space. So, declutter your mess with this spacious desk file organisers and desk organizers. Keeping your desk organized will help you get a better hold on your work.

Going ahead with this, you must keep in mind to make sure that you place your desk near a large window. This will imbue your workstation with warmth and comfort. This is important because you will be spending 8-9 hours of your day at your work desk.

By keeping home life away from work, keeping it comfortable and light, you will get a strong hold over your work boosting your productivity.

        3.   Drink Plenty of Water and take short breaks

All work and no break can leave you exhausted. Experts have suggested that taking short breaks in between working hours can be highly therapeutic. Short breaks are not luxurious. In fact, they are very much a part of necessity to maintain a fine mental and physical balance.

You can take short 20 mins break which you can utilize for practicing yoga or other relaxing activities.

Along with short breaks, we must not overlook the importance of keeping ourselves hydrated. With Elan’s highly capacious water bottle range, you can have ample water and save yourself time of getting up frequently for refill. Choose from the insulated Stainless Steel ones or the copper ones with manifold health benefits. Right from immunity boosting to improved digestion, this copper bottle is your ideal WFH companion.

        4.   Maintain Strict Working Hours

Just as you have designated working hours that separates your office and home you need to maintain strong discipline while working from home as well. You need to maintain thorough discipline with working hours.  Make sure you have a proper working time slot and that no work goes outside that slot.

Managing time so fastidiously can be pretty vexing too. So, it is important to balance it out with coffee and tea breaks in between. So, what you really need is to complete your workstation with a mug for tea or coffee that reminds you to take it easy and relax.

This way, by managing your time in a far more effective way, you can really start enjoying working from home.

        5.   Healthy switching on and off from work

It is only when we are working from home that we realize the importance of work commutation. Although it can be physically vexing, it does help set you up for your work routine completely. It helps you prepare for the day long work that stands in front of you.

With this travelling aspect being now cut off from your routine, you must definitely find an alternative that will prepare you for work.

The best way to do this is to perform the activities which you used to when travelling to work. Say, you have your special work commute playlist. Listen to it for half an hour before starting with your work. If you read newspaper in your car while going to work, then fine. Then a good newspaper read will help you slide into your work zone effortlessly.

At the end of the day, people usually take the commute-back time for granted. They don’t understand the essentiality of how it helps you unwind yourself from the hectic and stressful working hours. Before you resume with your home life, indulge in some peaceful meditative music or anything that really puts your mind in relaxing mood.

These transitive actions help you maintain great balance in your work and home life.


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