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Chocolates, flowers and soft toys are all passé. Revamp your valentine gift game and replace the outdated and mundane gifts with something personalized and highly useful. Gifts are priceless. And if they’re personalized, they become eternally special too.

You know what would be the best gift for a vintage lover? Get them some vintage home décor gift like a personalized desk organizer or storage trunks that’s definitely going to make their day.

Valentine is a day to celebrate love and affection and this love could be between a daughter and a mother, a father and son, a niece and an aunt or two best friends. And every relation deserves a special gift which connotes the importance and worth of that relation.

A gift needs to be thoughtful that hold the benefits of usefulness and adornment till eternity. For instance, a jewelry box would make for a great valentine gift for the woman who loves jewelry and loves to take care of it even more.

For the ones to love to seek their memories on their tables or walls, wrap them a set of stylish photo frames and let their room unveil elegance and design with an emotional touch.

Who says it’s just about ‘a gift’ and not ‘gifts’? When confusion strikes and you love them all, then get them all. Whether it’s a personalized storage trunk or a water bottle, a chic hip flask or contemporary themed lunch box, bring them together and gift them a pannier of dazzling gifts.

How about making a travel-themed hamper for a wanderer or designing gifts for a food lover? Know what your loved one loves and make a gift instead of choosing some. And when you plan to make some, make it with Elan. Let our talented artists help churn out the best quality and intricate design that bring out the best of your love and thoughtfulness. 

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