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They say school days are the best days of your life. And they say it right. The happiness of going back to school after summer vacations with new uniforms and belongings was priceless. The longing to show and share all the new things with our classmates was one of the biggest satisfactions.

And now’s the time when your kids are all excited and ready to get back to school with the same happiness of getting new things in their bags. We’ve curated some uber-cool and quirky ‘Back-to-School’ pieces not just for your kids, but they’ll also let you keep up with all the new mess and hustle in an organized and cute way.

Lunch Box

This is one of the best part of schooling – waiting for the bell to go, so that you swoop in your tiffin boxes and enjoy the delicious lunch/snacks. Our tiffin and lunch boxes are a perfect example of stylish color-pops that your kids would love to call it theirs.

Water Bottles

Every kid has their favorite glass and bottle to have their drink from. And they wouldn’t exchange that for anything, we bet. Evoke the future Girl Boss in your little princess with our Girl Boss Water Bottles. The pastel hues and sturdiness of the bottle make it a perfect fit for little future power house.  

Desk Organizers

Back to School means back to all the stationary chaos in the house. From crayons to hair-combs, when you can’t find the right thing at the right time, it’s time to call in for some desk organizers. Our collection of desk organizers is an upshot of numerous inspirations. From ‘Believe’ to ‘Dream Big’, there’s an inspirational design for everyone and everything.

File Holder

Organize all your kids’ files and books so that they’re handy whenever you need them. And our Method File Holder serves the purpose. A little bit of cohesiveness with décor makes these back-to-school days calmer and lovelier.

So, have we made all your ‘Back-to-School’ worries disappear? You can check out an array of various other accessories for your homes and offices and start Living With Elan!

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