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Bright and sunny summer days have set in. Have you thought of redecorating your space or bringing some quick and easy to do décor changes inspired by the cool and calm shades of summer?

Lighten the look of your home and outdoors in this bright warm weather with these easy and breezy summer décor ideas.

Some pops of colors on the table

Let your dining table shine in some cool hues. Your living room defines your taste and style. Let it speak for you artistically with some pretty looking and multipurpose cake stands or a lovely green tea box. Accentuate your table with a theme and display your fruits, breads and other eatables in style. Put them in a baroque round or rectangle tray and see how your table space turns into a lovely summery space everyone would love to be at.

Drink in style!

Your refreshing summer cocktails deserve to be treated in style. Get a stylish cocktail shaker and give your bar a summer makeover. Every house needs a conversational bar corner to call it a night. Or how about getting a cool hip flask for a fun night out?

Bring your garden to life!

When the interiors look so stylish, why not get some aesthetics for your garden too? Swap your old broken pots with some ivory planters and let your plants breathe in some air full of design and colors. What’s even better? Inspired by the whimsical Parisian homes, our hanging planters are perfect vintage allure, saving up some space in your verandah.

Restyle your storage!

When you need some storage right in front of your eyes in the living room but still need to maintain the aesthetics and organization, the metal trunks come to the rescue. Get home some vintage style trunks to store what you want - books, scarves, art supplies and even unsightly miscellaneous! They are great for extra storage and turn any ordinary corner into a classic space.

These were some of the quickest and smartest way to revamp your décor this summer season. More ideas and suggestions are absolutely welcomed.

Keep Living With Elan!

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