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Looking for a playful, cosy date night to reignite your love? Let us paint you a picture - you have a perfectly set up table, succulent dishes served in antique kitchenware, sipping on your favourite cocktail, a classic cupcake stand to serve your sweet palate while you binge watch on a classic sitcom. Doesn’t it sound perfect but too much effort? Worry not, Elan has got you covered with some quick vintage home decor ideas for that perfect date night to make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

Metal Magic- Camp out in your living room by creating a fort with pillows and blankets. Add a bit of whimsy to your space by stacking up metal trunks & storage trunks filled with movie CDs, books, board games to make your night memorable and interesting. Place a metal bird cage and lit a scented candle inside it to set the mood right.

Stainless Sophistication- Set the mood by pulling out the good antique kitchenware, flatware & utensils, use a tablecloth, and light a few candles to amp up the vintage glamour. You can find the right mix of polished pastel and monochrome range of kitchenware and flatware from Elan.

Pro tip- keep a water bottle or a flask to stay hydrated and save yourself multiple rounds to the kitchen.

Warm and Cosy- After a hearty meal, it’s time to bring your table to life with a treat of desserts. Mini desserts are fun to display on cupcake stands and cake stands. It is your time to swoon your date by displaying your creative side. You can add some personality by placing snipped flower heads to the cake and cupcake stand.

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