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Friends are the family we choose. It is that time of the year when you express your gratitude instead of gagging and pranking. Oh, who are we kidding? There’s never a bad time to do that old timer tomfoolery with your partner in crime. This time shock him by following the prank with a thoughtful gift that sums up your brother-in-arms bond.

If you are wondering what to gift your friend this friendship’s day then you have come to the right place. Living with Elan has come forward with its exclusive collection of special gifts for friends. You don’t need to go out in the market without knowing what to buy. You’ve done it before and you know you’ll get confused altogether and end up buying something terribly bad. Take a look at these 5 unique gifts online India, designed especially for the friendships day gifts that will help you make this occasion a mighty memorable one.

       1.  Unique Desk Organizers

Surprise your friend by showing the considerate side of you by gifting him/her a desk organizer. This is indeed a wonderfully thoughtful gift that helps your friend declutter the mess around and organize his space around properly.

Living with Elan has an extensive collection of desk organizer. From a cute Coffee-o-clock Desk/Cosmetic Organizer to classy Believe Desk Organizer, these desk organizers are more than just desk organizers. These gifts will be the milestone of memories and maybe some busy day in the midst of work when the desk is organized it will bring a smile upon your friend’s face.

       2.  Special Dressing Table Set For Women

Elan has been considerate about what gifts really please men and women. Delight your girl friend with this mighty cheerful and cute dressing table set. Packed with beautiful earring stand, storage trunk for her little secrets and a special gift box, this dressing table set makes for a perfect gift to thrill your friend to the very ends of delight.

Its specialty is its quirky aesthetics and bright summer colours that gives it a very cute appeal. To surprise your special friend on this special day, this dressing set is exactly what you are looking for.

       3.  Cocktail Set for Your Drinking Buddy

Can this friendship’s day get any more special? Read it in Chandler Bing’s voice. Because this super cool cocktail set by Living with Elan is going to make your friendship’s day even more memorable.

Living with Elan houses this unique cocktail set that has a cool cocktail shaker, infinity peg and on-the-go hip flask. This will have your dear friend cover for all the special occasions making it one of the most special gifts for friends.

If you want to get down you’ve got to take it out, this cocktail set. Perfect for all occasions, drunken hangovers lead to forgetful nights but your friend will always think of you when he drinks off this cocktail set.

       4.  Gardening pots and planters

Friendship is one of the strongest bonds we can ever have. It pushes us beyond our limits, helps us understand ourselves and makes us better people. Behind all the jokes and gags lies pure love and affection. We all know that but we don’t need to spell it out to our friends.

What expresses this bond and its purity without words is a gardening pot and planter. Living with Elan understands how gardening can spread love and positive vibes. Therefore, we bring this extensive collection of gardening pots and planters that have a subtly charming and elegant disposition.

Sophisticated wall hanging planters, two bucket pots, roman watering can and extensive forest planter collection are some of the finest gardening pots you will find today. Mark you friendship with these planters. The blooming garden is nothing but an emblem of growth and there certainly is nothing more pure an act than witnessing a garden bloom.

We hope these gifts for special occasions help you in making your friendship’s day mighty memorable. If you would like to exercise your creative mind then send us your suggestions as well. We are open to customised gifts for friendship day as well.

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