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Everyone would want to jazz up their interiors because nothing is more delightful than breaking the spell of familiarity that a house cultivates over a period of time. A lot of people spend exorbitantly to revamp their houses completely. Whereas, there are some who refer to Pinterest for some interesting ideas. While, some are DIY geeks who like to work on it themselves.

Any which way, it is important to understand that you can spruce up your space by making minor changes. For instance, you can change the look and overall feel of your living room with just a beautiful flower vase, a potted plant or a vibrant color on a single highlight wall. This way, by modifying simple elemental details you can play around with your interior spaces in far richer way.

Prominent American Designer Charles Eames famously said, “The details are not the details. They make up the design” Following this principle, Living with Elan has curated some décor accessories to spruce up your home.

        1.   Storage Trunks

Elan houses a huge collection of storage trunks. Bringing about an interesting mixture of modernistic design with traditional look, these unique storage trunks have introduced an interesting edge to the idea of antiquity.

The highlight of the catalog is the Jal Long Trunk that exhibits an elegantly embossed pattern. The design is inspired by the Sheesh Mahal, also known as The Palace of Mirrors, in Jaipur. The opulence and luminous energy of the palace is translated into this design. This fine cross between the modern and ancient aesthetics lies at the heart of Elan’s Collection – The Aamber Collective. These storage trunks will provide a quiet opulence to space.

        2.   Pots and Planter

Our wide-ranged catalogue also consists of extensive collections of pots and planters. A small garden space in your living room will change the face of your house completely. If you don’t have a balcony space you can still add lots of texture to your space with the introduction of Indoor Planters. Not to mention, gardening is considered to be highly therapeutic.

Or use our popular Four Bucket Planter to grow any four herbs of your choice. Equipped with a handle that helps you carry it around conveniently, place it on your dining table to add fresh oregano to your pizza or peppermint to your watermelon!

        3.   Flower Vases

We know what a significant addition a flower vase can be to your interiors. Our Kesar Flower Vase is well-known for its fine and elegant design and rustic galvanized texture. The golden brass seam at the ridge is a subtle touch of grace and might that is inspired by the majestic Aravali Hills.

Alongside, we have the vintage inspired Elan amphora pitcher that has adorable heart hung around the neck.

Right from rustic galvanized vases to cute pitchers, we house a variety of flower vases that make an occasion out of every meal or gathering.

        4.   Lighting and Candle Stands

Candle stands can be a fine addition to your interiors. Breakfast in bed anyone? Or an sorbet souiree? Not without the twinkling candle lights. Living with Elan houses some of the finest candle stands in their collection. Choose from cute and casual to elegant and glamourous.

Elan’s Elegant Glass Candle Holders are perfect centre table attraction. With a highly simplistic design, these luminous candle-stands add lush to your dining table. 

         5.   Desk Organizers

Lastly, nothing better than an accessory that helps you keep your stuff organized. Especially with all these home offices on the rise. Our desk organizers are smart yet functional. Our Radio Organizer  redefines cool. Inspired by the transistor radio, it has magnets for knobs.

Living with Elan is one of the leading vintage home decor online store. These products listed above are available on their online stores. Right from candle and cake stands to storage trunks, and shelves, their extensive catalogue have you covered completely.

Well-known for marrying utility with modern-vintage aesthetics, Elan’s décor accessories will help you give your indoor aesthetics an interesting twist.


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